Simple System, Huge Results

In short, EZ Slotter is redefining distribution center profitability by reducing the labor "legacy costs" associated with the shelving systems currently in use.

Upgrading your system, new or old, to the EZ Slotter system will help you turn the "accepted overhead" of labor around into greater productivity and increased profits.

We're making common sense work every day for our customers.


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Typically, roll tracks and guides are configured to accommodate specific box widths. To re-slot a shelf, all of the roll tracks and guides are first removed and then reinstalled to accommodate the changing carton sizes. This is a time consuming, 2 person operation.

With EZ Slotter, roll tracks are installed on closer centers and not moved again! Simply remove and reposition the EZ Slotter slotting tools at the feed end of the shelf to designate new lane positions. This is a 1 person "EZ" operation.

Replenishment Visibility

Warehouse managers love EZ Slotter because we keep labor costs down, but selectors and replenishers love us because we make their jobs easier.

Because EZ Slotter mounts on the outside of the shelf ledge, lanes are always visible at a glance; even if they are above eye level. This, coupled with the fact that the EZ Slotter system benefits from drastically reduced carton hangups, means more productive, more profitable, and happier employees. Who doesn't like happy employees?

How easy is EZ Slotter?

Traditionally, reslotting the shelf to your left would take two people 15 minutes. With EZ Slotter, one person can do it in just over 1 minute.